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Busy B's is a premier child care provider located in San Tan Valley, Arizona

-- About Busy B's Child Care --

Child care is an important decision that working parents make every day and it isn’t any easy one. With so many child care options available, finding someone who will care for your child with love and understanding can be a daunting task. That is where Busy B's Child Care can put your mind at ease. Here at Busy B's Child Care, the utmost important part about caring for a child is to make sure they are happy, healthy, and loved.


Here at Busy B's Child Care, our day consists of breakfast, followed by free play, then on preschool days we would have preschool up until lunchtime. After lunch we get ready for naptime where each child has their own nap mat. Following naptime we have snack time and more play time either inside or outside depending on weather. Busy B's Child Care has an extensive library with additional books from the public library that correspond to the theme we are on in preschool.

Our preschool program is three days a week for two hours each of those days. If your child is not scheduled for daycare on a preschool day, you are more than welcome to bring them for no extra charge, however if you want them to stay for lunch that day, it would be an additional small charge. During preschool we will be learning through themes. In the past some of the themes I have done are Under the Sea, Going on Safari, On the Farm. While we are learning about different things during our theme units we will also be incorporating the core basics such as the alphabet and the sounds of each letter, numbers, shapes, colors, etc. When it is time for your child to go off to kindergarten, they will be ready!

About the Provider

My name is Beth Scheuneman and I have been providing child care and preschool for over 17 years, with nearly 50 children over that time period. Caring for children has been a life-long passion that I have enjoyed completely. I am a mother to two grown children ages 20 and 18 and have been married for 26 years. I personally feel that children are a priceless addition to our lives and as adults we can learn so much from them as well as teach them so much. It’s our responsibility as adults to make sure the next generation of children, are happy, healthy, kind, and productive human beings.

Hours of Operation

Monday –Friday 6:00 am to 5:30 pm


Part-time – 1-3 days/ week $85.00/week per child

Full-time- 4-5 days/ week $140.00/week per child

Prices include breakfast, lunch, and snack. Also price includes preschool 3/days a week.


-- Our loving enviorment --

Busy B's Child Care strives for an environment where children learn, have fun, and most importantly be loved. Play time consists of dress up clothes, play kitchen with food and dishes, a reading corner with a large supply of books for all ages, blocks, Legos, and many more toys for creative play.

The P.A.L.S. room (Preschool /Art/Lunch/Snack) is a special room that preschool takes place in. The children will have access to arts and craft supplies, table games, and computer time in this room. Along with learning, the P.A.L.S. room is also the lunch and snack room.

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